Deputy Provost compels McGill Daily to publish letter about Zionism

The McGill Administration recently demanded that The McGill Daily publish a letter to the editor that critiqued the publication’s definition of Zionism. The letter, written by two Jewish law students, argued that the Daily had defined Zionism in a way that was both inaccurate and malicious. Michael Aarenau, 3L Law and one […]

Mental Health Commission of Canada announces post-secondary mental health standard

The Mental Health Commission of Canada (MHCC) recently announced a collaboration with the Canadian Standards Association to develop a standard for the psychological health and safety of post-secondary students. According to the Commission’s website, post-secondary educational institutions are free to adopt and modify the policy, known as the Post-Secondary Students […]


Fall 2019 referendum endorsements

The McGill Tribune’s editorial board provides its endorsements for the Fall 2019 Students’ Society of McGill University (SSMU) referendum period. Creation of Indigenous Equity Fund and Fee: Yes The proposed creation of this non-opt-outable $1.00 fee would serve three purposes: Funding the activities of the SSMU Indigenous Affairs Committee, financing projects […]