Sackler family accused of instigating the opioid crisis donated $3.9 million to McGill

The Sackler family, McGill donors and owners of a pharmaceutical company with ties to the opioid crisis, declared bankruptcy on Sept. 15. Between 2014 and 2017, McGill received a total of $3,888,078 from The Sackler Foundation to advance research and education, including the establishment of the Sackler Program for Epigenetics […]

Governance 101: An introduction to McGill’s governing bodies

STUDENTS’ SOCIETY OF MCGILL UNIVERSITY (SSMU) What it does: SSMU is responsible for supervising undergraduate clubs and extracurricular activities, managing and ensuring the sustainability of long-term operations such as Gerts’, advocating for student interests in the McGill Senate, and assisting in planning social events such as Frosh. SSMU is led […]