McGill Medicine once again number one in Canada

McGill’s medical school was once again ranked as the best in Canada. The rankings, compiled by Maclean’s magazine, were published on Oct. 27.

This marks the 21st year that Maclean’s has published medical school rankings for Canada.

“We are gratified by this recognition,” McGill Principal Heather Munroe-Blum said in a university press release.

“As McGill celebrates its 190th anniversary this year, we are determined to remain among the world’s leading universities, committed to excellence in teaching, research, and service to communities in Quebec, Canada, and internationally,” she said.

“These results reflect the remarkable quality and dedicated efforts of our faculty, students, and staff,” she added.

This was the seventh year in a row in which McGill was ranked number one by Maclean’s. According to the magazine, there were several key reasons that McGill has consistently placed so well.

“For one thing, McGill’s students win more national awards than Toronto’s,” the Maclean’s website stated. “Another big factor is its student-faculty ratio. Toronto places dead last in the category (15th), while McGill is fifth. On top of that, McGill dedicates more of its budget to scholarships and bursaries than any other school in the category.”

After McGill, the other top five medical schools in Canada were the University of Toronto, the University of British Columbia, Queens University, and the University of Alberta respectively.

According to the Maclean’s website, rankings were based on 14 numerical indicators across three categories: quality of students, libraries, and finances. Maclean’s also puts schools into one of three tiers based on research funding, program offerings, and graduate programs.

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