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City’s streak of firebombings continues

Montreal has seen more than 30 firebombings since last year. In November alone, there have been more than 10.  

The latest incident occurred last Wednesday at a Haitian grocery store, Marche Steve Anna on Belanger Street in Rosemont. According to media reports, at around 3:30 a.m., passers-by noticed smoke coming from inside the establishment.

When firefighters came to the scene, they discovered a smashed window and flames spreading inside the store. The police still have no suspects in the case.  

In another incident, the police arrested and charged a suspect in an attack against Café Danesi in Rivière-des-Prairies, which has suffered two of these firebombings within the last two weeks. One suspect, Dave Saint-Michel, 23, has been arrested on five charges, and will have a bail hearing on Wednesday.  

Café Danesi’s owner refused to comment, as did the Montreal Police Department.

Tony Russo, manager of Cavallaro, a deli in Westmount that was also a victim of firebombing, suggested that the attack against his business was an isolated incident.  

“It was probably someone who just wanted attention,” he said.  

His business bounced back the very next day, re-opening its doors to the public.

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