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Management Undergraduate Society raises $45 thousand for cancer research

The Management Undergraduate Society (MUS) organized the Winter Carnival and the Cancer Auction, raising approximately $45,000 towards cancer research this year, a significant increase from last year’s events, which raised $30,000.

“The whole goal of this week is the idea of school spirit and philanthropy,” MUS VP Events Jony Tabuteau said. “We work closely with the Cancer Auction committee, so it’s a combination of Winter Carnival and the Cancer Auction committee.”

The funds raised will be donated to the Canadian Cancer Society (CCS), Canada’s largest national cancer charity which funds cancer research. The MUS has had a partnership with the CCS since 1976.

“This was our 39th Cancer Auction […and] around 75 to 80 per cent of the total [donation] is raised by the auction, but there are also smaller initiatives throughout the year,” MUS President Sean Finnell said.

According to Tabuteau, this year’s fundraising has been particularly successful partially because of new projects such as selling toques.

“We’re trying to combine charity with things students want to donate to in a way they want to donate,” Tabuteau said.  “Every year builds on the competitive spirit of the last year. There’s [a] drive to break last year’s record. Everyone in Carnival from top to bottom [was] really into the cause this year.” 

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