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Senate Membership and Contacts

2012-2013 Senate Membership

(Terms start September 1)

Ex Officio
The Chancellor Arnold Steinberg
The Chair of the Board Stuart Cobbett
The Principal Heather Munroe-Blum
The Provost Anthony C. Masi
The Deputy Provost Morton Mendelson (Student Life and Learning)
Vice-Principal Michael Di Grappa (Administration and Finance)
Vice-Principal Marc Weinstein (Development and Alumni Relations)
Vice-Principal Rose Goldstein (Research and International Relations)
Vice -Principal Olivier Marcil (External Relations)
Deans of Faculties
Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Chandra Madramootoo (email)
Arts Christopher Manfredi (email)
Dentistry Paul Allison (email)
Education Hélène Perrault (email)
Engineering Andrew Kirk (interim) (email)
Law Daniel Jutras
Desautels Faculty of Management Peter Todd (email)
Medicine David Eidelman (email)
Schulich School of Music Sean Ferguson
Religious Studies Ellen Aitken (email)
Science Martin Grant (email)
Dean of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies
Martin Kreiswirth (email)
Dean of Students
Linda Jacobs Starkey (interim)
Trenholme Dean of Libraries
C. Colleen Cook
Dean of Continuing Studies
Judith Potter 
Members of the Board of Governors
Alex Kalil
Cynthia Price
Amir Raz 
Elected Members
Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Ashraf Ismail (email)
Mark Lefsrud (email)
Michael Ngadi (email)
Martina Stromvik (email)
Faculty of Arts Brian Cowan (email)
Wilbur Jonsson (email)
John Galaty
Brendan Gillon
Allan Hepburn
Gillian Lane-Mercier
Catherine Lu
Derek Nystrom
Lydia White
Faculty of Dentistry Ji Zhang
Faculty of Education Jamshid Beheshti
Nancy Heath
Caroline Riches
Ada Sinacore
Faculty of Engineering David Covo
Frank Ferrie
David Lowther
Arun Misra
Faculty of Law David Lametti
Helge Dedek
Desautels Faculty of Management Leslie Breitner
Morty Yalovsky
Faculty of Medicine Daniel Bernard
Serge Carrier
Renzo Cecere
Claudio Cuello
Elaine Doucette
Kalle Gehring
Terence Hebert
Gary Pekeles
Melvin Schloss
Laurie Snider
Elin Thordardottir
Christina Wolfson
Edith Zorychta
Schulich School of Music Stefano Algieri
Christopher Harman
Faculty of Religious Studies Torrance Kirby
Faculty of Science Graham Bell
Gregory Dudek
Charles Gale
Peter Grütter
David Harpp
Jacques Hurtubise
Andrew Hynes
Bruce Lennox
Nigel Roulet
University Libraries  Daniel Boyer
A. Maya Kucij
Marc Richard 
Administrative and Support Staff
Group 1 Ruth Kuzaitis
Mark Michaud
Group 2 Antonia Di Paola
Kathryn Peterson
Group 3  Mary Jo McCullogh
Honora Shaughnessy 
Elected Student Members
Students’ Society of McGill University (SSMU):
(for emails, see http://ssmu.mcgill.ca/about-us/our-team/senators/)
George Azmy Engineering
Stephanie Bachelet Law
Laurence Belanger Medicine
Andrew Boudreau Music
Nikhil Srinidhi Engineering
Haley Dinel SSMU VP University Affairs
Rodrigo Espinosa Arts
Jimmy Gutman Arts
Shannon Herrick Science
Moe Nasr Science
Josh Redel SSMU President
Avi Rush Management
Max Zidel  Arts 
McGill Association of Continuing Education Students (MACES):
Isabel Vivas
Eric Laverdiere 
Macdonald Campus Students’ Association (MCSS):
Evan Henry 
Post-Graduate Students’ Society (PGSS):
Adam Bouchard
Jonathan Mooney
Boran Xu 
Medical Resident Group or Postdoctoral Scholar
Ziad El-Khatib 


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