The T: “Tier 2 Rollout and Schulich COVID-19 Risk” Feb. 12

This week on the show:
• McGill announces gradual rollout of ‘Tier 2’ academic in-person activities
• Some Schulich students allege that a recent in-person ensemble rehearsal posed a COVID-19 risk

Episode links:
• McGill plans to implement Tier 2 in-person academic activities, by News Editor Kate Addison

• Beware of McGill’s hazardous reopening plan, by The McGill Tribune Editorial Board…-plan02092021/

Host: Sequoia Kim, News Editor
Guest speaker: Kate Addison, News Editor
Podcast Producers: Multimedia Editors Sarah Ford & Alex Hinton, Creative Director Aidan Martin, Editor-In-Chief Helen Wu
Artwork design: Design Editor Chloe Rodriguez

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