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The T: “Investigating the SSMU’s Student Fee Policy with Sébastien Duckett” Feb. 3

This week on the show:
SSMU Finance Commissioner Sébastien Duckett takes us through the Finance Committee’s new report, “Investigation into the SSMU’s Student Fee Policies,” — a deep dive into current fee practices and policy that reveals a lack of financial due diligence and accountability, and contains recommendations to rectify these issues.

Student governance: SSMU Legislative Council (Jan. 28th)
Episode links:
SSMU student fee investigation reveals lack of due diligence, financial accountability, by News Contributor Juliet Morrison:
SSMU Legislative Council approves motion to support Dollarama workers, by Social Media Editor Marie Saadeh:

Host: Sequoia Kim, News Editor
Guest speaker: Finance Commissioner Sébastien Duckett
Podcast Producers: Multimedia Editors Sarah Ford & Alex Hinton, Creative Director Aidan Martin, Editor-In-Chief Helen Wu.
Artwork design: Design Editor Chloe Rodriguez

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