JOKE ISSUE: Snoop D-O-double-G-P-S

Owners of the TomTom GPS navigation system can now choose to “roll down the street, sippin’ on gin and juice” with rap superstar Snoop Dogg (who does not, in any way, advocate drinking and driving) as their guide. The voiceskin is available for purchase from TomTom for $12.95. Snoop offers a departure from the generic voice of most GPS systems.

“It was really because when I be riding in the cars and I be hearing the boring-ass lady that be doing it all the time, it just be vibing me hearing her voice,” says Snoop, “I felt like this is something that’s big … to be in vehicles all over the world, where my voice is controlling the navigational system.”

Snoop’s voiceskin offers a more relaxed feel, with commands like “Sharp left, so fly” and “Bear left, yeah, just like that.”

Users of the GPS system can also look forward to potentially new features, including: Where Am I (What Street is This)? and Road Trip Eruption. TomTom subscribers can hope that more celebrities do voiceskins for the GPS service, such as Stephen Hawking, which might bear a striking resemblance to the original voiceskin.

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