Finding your place

Building community on campus

Leanne Young,
Photo Editor

At a large school like McGill, located in the epicentre of an even bigger city like Montreal, it is easy to feel lost and isolated. Many students are stressed by academic pressure, being far from home, and the pressures of living independently. It is normal to feel alone at first, and it may take some effort before you find your community. However, here is a plethora of opportunities to help find your place on campus. Whether you decide to join a new club, hang out and study in a new place, or talk to new people in class, it all starts with a single step outside of your comfort zone. Here are just some of the many opportunities worth exploring on campus.

The McGill Sports Complex offers plenty of opportunities to make new friends and hit your daily step count. Take a fitness or yoga class to move your muscles after a sedentary day of studying. Intramural team sports, too, are an excellent way to build teamwork skills.

Many departments on campus have a student lounge as well as designated study spaces. Whether you are playing foosball or chatting on the couch, hanging out in departmental spaces is a great way to meet people in your program. Academic communities can help you feel more connected to your program, and can establish a support network for your studies and classes.

Stores near campus, such as The Word, attract both students and other members of the Milton-Parc community. Their proximity to school creates a unique off-campus community that still somehow feels connected to McGill, which makes them the perfect place to visit after a busy day of work and class.

Soupe Café, famous for its grilled cheese sandwiches, brings together lots of students every day. Located in the Burnside Basement, its cozy atmosphere and friendly staff make for a great place to stop in-between classes.

Snax, found in the heart of Leacock right by the biggest lecture hall on campus, is a perfect midday pitstop. Hundreds of students converge here to stay awake and stave off hunger during long school days.

There are clubs for every interest: Acapella, fencing, knitting, and different cultural groups are just some examples where students can find their place. Student clubs at McGill are one of the best ways to meet students with whom you have something in common.