Making the varsity cut

When Martlet Lacrosse captain Megan Halbrook went to the McGill Varsity Athletics website last May and found her team’s webpage missing, she had no idea what it signified. “I called the web page administrator in Athletics because I assumed something had gone wrong in the computer code,” Halbrook says. “She […]

Canaries out of the cage

Jack Maguire Baxter State Park, in central Maine, closed to summer camping last Friday.  While that doesn’t matter to most people, there’s a small group for whom the closure of the park marks the end of an odyssey. Mount Katahdin in Baxter is the northern terminus of the Appalachian Trail, […]

Srinagar: Capital of Conflict in Kashmir

Since the end of British rule in India in 1947, a territorial dispute between Pakistan and India has left the Kashmir Valley in continuous conflict. Despite some political divisions in the population, which is predominantly Muslim, the majority of Kashmiris want independence from India, and would like to see the regions of Jammu and Kashmir become a single, independent state.

The Indian government has worked hard to find solutions to this serious internal crisis, especially after pro-independence demonstrations erupted this past summer. Every effort to calm Kashmiris has proven futile, resulting in further unrest in the disputed territories.

Sex Games

On average, Canadians have sex 150 times a year, placing us fourth in the world. From that initial come-hither glance to the frustrating rules and the gratifying end, The McGill Tribune explores our obsession with one of the nation’s favourite pastimes. You gots to be a playa, man” proclaims Master P.