FEATURE: The anti-frosh guide

Don’t get me wrong- I love Frosh. What better way to start off the new academic year than to get magnificently intoxicated on lower field with thousands of your closest drinking buddies? Frosh is more than just a spectacle of drunken bliss; the organized drinking orgy certainly contains its moments of glory: sampling of a first years’ first beer (mmm…Boréale), the blasting sound of megaphones heard from miles away, creative cheers (more beeeeer, more beer, more beer…) and the competitive spirit amongst the faculties. But, all good parties must eventually come to an end and, unfortunately, so does Frosh. With the onset of the fall semester, the giant balloons on lower field have deflated, and the smell of beer has (for the most part) subsided. Still feeling hungover? Or, even worse, feeling bored? If you’re experiencing frosh withdrawal symptoms, don’t despair! Classes have resumed, but that doesn’t mean the fun is over. Montreal is one of the liveliest cities in the world. To help you recover from Post-Frosh Syndrome, Features has come up with a list of things to do in Montreal before midterms kick in.

1. Tam Tams. If the sweet aroma of weed, grass (real grass) and dust isn’t enough to lure you to Parc Mont Royal on Sunday afternoons, then the sight of dancing hippies and groovy musicians ought to do it. 2. Go to Brunch. Roll down to Chez Cora on Avenue du Parc between Milton and Prince Arthur in pajama bottoms and last night’s eyeliner or meet friends in heels and Lacoste polos at Cafeteria on St-Laurent. Brunch in Montreal is more than just a meal; it is an event. 3. Sit in a cafe while sipping coffee and feeling extremely chic. Not into the commercial atmosphere of Second Cup? Try Cafe Imagination on the corner of Parc and Sherbrooke. With a quirky staff, mellow music in the background and a giant ladle on the wall, this cozy little haunt is so relaxing that you will actually want to come back and study. 4. Take up a new and random hobby. This is particularly useful if you’re bored and low on cash. Need a new outfit? Try knitting. Just moved in and looking for furniture? Garage sales are the way to go. 5. Ride the metro. All day. Imagine the people-watching possibilities. 6. Lounge on lower field: get a tan, gawk at shirtless frosh-men and avoid skin cancer and/or jail … if you can. 7. Have a picnic or a barbeque. Raining? No worries-bring an umbrella and hold an “under the sea” themed party. After enough booze, people will stop complaining. 8. Go to the AMC and see one movie after another. The more juxtaposition, the better the experience. Watching How to Eat Fried Worms after Beerfest is definitely an intriguing way to relive happy Frosh memories. 9. It’s still nice out! Visit Parc Lafontaine or Parc Maisonneuve. Play frisbee, fly a kite or, if you’re feeling particularly adventurous, climb a tree. 10. Check out some new venues: go hear some bands that you’ve never heard of before. Extra points if they play a style of music that you’ve never heard of. 11. Get cultured. Montreal has tons of museums and art galleries. The Musée des Beaux Arts always has an interesting exhibit. Currently on display: a collection of Inuit art. Been there, done that? Try exploring some of the galleries on Sherbrooke Street. You never know just what you’ll find a sculpture of. 12. Rollerblade in Old Port. Okay, maybe cobblestone isn’t exactly the ideal pavement for rollerblading, but once you get used to the wobbling, the experience will be a thrill and a half. 13. Go to an Allouettes game; if they lose, you can still get trashed. 14. Check out the street fairs. On Sept. 9, head over to the 10th Annual Santropol Roulant Bazaar [& Street Fair], where all proceeds from the sales go to the youth-driven, meals-on-wheels organization. What can be better than buying some chochkes and donating to a charity at the same time? 15. Go see a play. For Anglophone productions, traipse down to the Centaur theatre at 453 St. Francoise-Xavier in the Old Port. The first show of the season, Candela´s Table opens Oct. 5. 16. Listen to jazz concerts. The jam sessions at Upstairs and Grumpy’s will perk you up better than a red bull with vodka.

17. Go shopping! It’s the perfect time to wander around the Jean Talon and Atwater markets. You can always use another bottle of expensive foreign olive oil. 18. Six Flags La Ronde. There’s more to this amusement park than just roller coasters-it’s the perfect post-Frosh getaway. Mad at your friend for hooking up with your Frosh soul mate? Take out your aggression on him or her in the bumper cart rink. 19. Visit the casino. Now that Frosh is over, you’re well on your way to becoming addicted to watered-down beer and random make-out sessions. Well, now you can add gambling to your list of vices. Bored on a Saturday night? Call some friends and meet up at the Casino de Montreal.

Frosh may be over, but the school year has just begun. As of right now, there is no snow, no midterms and minimal stress. You can still keep yourself thoroughly entertained now that your plastic neon bracelet is in the trashcan.

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