Navigating Filipino foodways

In February, my roommate and I decided to register for an online workshop on Filipino cooking and food history. Taking place every Friday night, the 5-part series promised to explain the rich history that lay behind our favourite homecooked meals. Excitement grew as the start of the series drew nearer. […]

Solitary studies

This school year has presented unique challenges to McGill students around the world. With remote classes, fluctuations of public health measures, and ongoing travel restrictions, many students have had to adjust their academic plans. Now, students attend class from all over the world, often making it difficult for these individuals […]

Just a phone call away

At 22 years old, I have lived in four cities across three different countries. Each move has come with the gruelling process of saying goodbye to loved ones and cultivating a new social circle in an unfamiliar place. While others my age may find comfort in living in one place […]

Isolated nights

In March 2020, many McGill students unwittingly set off on what would be their last night out for a very long time. Students currently sequestered at home often long for nights spent in dimly lit, sweaty spaces. Even for those who abandoned the Saint-Laurent club scene after their first year […]

A petrified stream of consciousness

Content Warning: Vomiting, graphic imagery  Fear can really humble us. In the face of something that terrifies us, we are driven to confront the cause. This can help us survive––fear is the body’s way of protecting us. Unfortunately, fear can also be completely removed from any legitimate danger.  My fear, […]

Hooked on the craft

Crocheting is a balancing act. To make each stitch, one hand grips the hook and the other controls the tension of the yarn: Too taut, and the project will turn out cramped, stunted; too loose, and it will be flimsy, undefined.    I was 10 when my Oma taught me […]