The McGill Tribune presents

Creative Supplement

Winter 2018

Letter from the Editors

The McGill Tribune is proud to present the Winter 2018 Creative Supplement, highlighting excellent creative work by McGill students, including poetry, photography, illustrations, music, and mixed-media.

We would like to thank the Arts Undergraduate Society Financial Management Committee (AUS FMC) for funding this project, and Chad Ronalds & Hebdo Litho for printing this issue. Moreover, we appreciate all the artists who submitted; it was a pleasure to review your work.

Although McGill doesn’t have a formal visual arts program, students find their own creative outlets. The Creative Supplement serves as a platform to highlight these endeavours. McGill students are notoriously bright and hardworking; we hope this issue proves that they are also immensely talented.

  • Ariella Garmaise, Arts & Entertainment Editor
  • Noah Sutton, Creative Director
  • Elli Slavitch & Arshaaq Jiffry, Design Editor
  • Julia Kafato, Web Designer
  • Dylan Adamson, Arts & Entertainment Editor
  • Marie Labrosse, Features Editor
  • Ava Zwolinski, Photo Editor
  • Nicholas Jasinski, Editor-in-Chief

Jan. 24 th , 1:18 am.

Katia Innes

Your eyes
glazed over, rolled shoulder;
how many sleepless nights did you soldier?
No sacrament to pay the rent,
no symphony to put your weary heart to rest.

We live out of shoeboxes, our laces untied.
Hands moving slowly up my thigh.
Two pennies in the dresser drawer,
long forgotten and unused.
In the cold, dead of winter
there is nothing left to bruise.

Julia Spicer, U3; "untitled", "untitled", photography
Anastasia Sylenko

158 AND 160

Avleen Mokha

In my dream, a bus will save us
from the end of the world. The fare
is a glimmer of hope, an infestation of it
deep in the mind. My friend says 158 and 160
go the same way. All of the paths
may lead down to the same destination, yet
the temptation to go down a path is
undeniable. At the precipice of the horizon
unraveling, we rattle our empty minds
Hoping to hear the jingle of some hope.
The bus, already gone.

Taylor Burnett, U2; "Return to the Playground", Photography
Audrey Carleton, U4; "Havana", Photography. Hannah Wallace-Lund, U1; "Where I Live", 120 film scanned digitally
Sarah Bentivegna, U3; "Fjords" and "Untitled", Mixed Media
Laiyi Xu


Alicia Lapena-Barry

as I walk through my mothers garden a rosebush comes to me
pricks me in my slumber
blood spills from my thighs as nature whispers to me the truths of night
to cry only in rain
to die in my sleep
to bloom in the spring
to live only in sunlight
and spend the rest rebirthing

Lulu Lebowitz, U1; "La Guajira", Photography
Hiroshi Mamiya; "Geometry", dyed Japanese papers mounted on canvas

cottage cheese and trodden cherries

Brigitta Davidson

someone’s picked my favourite flowers
raped that field of gold
new don’t respect the old
pickling in her gin and tonic she hurls abuse
but it’s fine, they’re used to it
its not her fault you know,
her father used to beat her until she resembled cottage cheese and trodden cherries
she hurts to heal
because healing hurts
she prayed for forgivness
shortly before her hearse arrived
pale faced and peaceful
for the first time since birth
she held up a middle finger at our blue earth

Jitika Shah U0; "The Florist", Short documentary


Thalia Danielson

I swallowed a few moths this morning.
They were swimming in my cereal bowl.
I thought they were pieces of paper
but they tasted like walnuts
I walked outside
and the snow fell all over me
like pollen
but I couldn’t find the flowers
pregnant with snow
and the moths fluttered inside me
thinking they were bees
choking on things like smells
so white
they were swallowing paint.
I coughed one moth out
when I said hello to my friend
It landed in his hair
and became a paper clip.
I felt dancing inside me
tap dance shoes and twists
I sneezed and
a voice
hushed small noises
like balloons floating
quiet sounds
and I
ate a bowl of cereal and realized
the moths were really butterflies.

Isabella Greenwood, "Ludy Greenwood", "Gaia Greenwood", "Arthur Greenwood", "Self Portrait", Mixed Media
Matt McCarthey, U2; "Tired of Waiting", Video
Elli Slavitch, U3; "Dutch Tulip", Watercolour Pencil

death and colo(u)rs on the first date

Emma Ciereszynski

In patient dark
I am asked which
color makes me
feel anything -
purple, since I
was small. I remember
so vividly,
when my hair was honey-spun,
asking my mother
to paint over my
sea-green bedroom wall
with placid lavender.
You know that if you
suffocated, you’d be
purple forever, right?
                 - Yes, I know.

Emma Avery, U3; "untitled", Photography
Arshaaq Jiffry, U1; "Alone, Together.", "Aviation", "Everything You’ve Come To Expect", Collage
Elli Slavitch, U3; "Mr. Broc", Watercolour Pencil
Tristan Surman, U0; "I Love You in black and white", Video
Hana Shiraishi, U2; "Reflection", Photography
Ava Zwolinski, U3; "DSC_0001" and "DSC_0002", Medium format film