An article published on November 8, 2016 incorrectly stated that Nick Bent plays front row. In fact he plays back row. The Tribune regrets the error.

An article published on September 27, 2016 incorrectly stated that Brooklyn Dodgers's last World Series championship was in 1959. However, they moved to Los Angeles in 1957. Their last championship in Brooklyn was actually in 1955. The Tribune regrets this error.

An article published on September 27, 2016 incorrectly stated that Sam Rapoport had worked for USA Football between 2010 and 2013. She has worked for USA Football from 2010 to 2016. The Tribune regrets this error.

An article published on September 18, 2016 incorrectly spelled the name of the goalkeeper of the McGill men's soccer team. The correct spelling is Bladen Allan.

An article published September 13, 2016 incorrectly stated that Open Air Pub (OAP) receives annual donations of burgers from Provigo and Sleeman. Similarly, an earlier version of this article incorrectly stated that OAP sold 620 cases of beer in Fall 2016, when in fact they sold 627. Finally, the article stated that OAP made a profit of 72 thousand dollars in Fall 2015, when in fact they made a profit of 90 thousand dollars. 

An article published April 12, 2016 titled "Divest McGill's protest of Jean Charest was sorely misguided" which was on the webpage:  was retracted later that same day. The article incorrectly stated that Divest McGill protested an event at which Charest was speaking on Monday, April 4 at McGill University. The article criticized the techniques that were used in the act of protest and misattributed these actions to Divest McGill. This article has been retracted because, in fact, these actions were not organized or enacted by Divest McGill. The Tribune regrets these errors.

An article published February 4, 2016 incorrectly stated that the Science Undergraduate Society (SUS) Council voted in favour of having the Students' Society of McGill University (SSMU) join the Union Étudiante du Quebec (UÉQ). In fact, council voted against having SSMU join UÉQ.

An article in issue 9, Vol 35 incorrectly stated that the Arts Undergraduate Society (AUS) Council passed a motion to change the appointment process for the VP Finance position on Oct. 21. This article also incorrectly stated that the members of a committee of experts to vet VP Finance applicants had already been decided. In fact, the motion had only been discussed at that meeting and the members of the committee have not been decided.

An article in issue 9, Vol 35 incorrectly stated that Frederic Fovet was the current director of the McGill Office for Students with Disabilities. (OSD) In fact, Fovet is the former director. 

An article in issue 6, Vol 35 incorrectly stated that the Library Improvement Fund (LIF) Committee was part of a group that completed the master plan feasibiligy study and drafted the master lan itself, and that the committee oversees smaller projects and renovations in McGill's libraries. In fact, the committee was not involved in drafting the master plan and does not oversee smaller projects and renovations.

An article in issue 7, Vol 35 incorrectly stated that Richard Zereik served as interim director of Student Services from November 2013 to May 2015. In fact, Zereik served from May 2015 to October 2015. 

An article published September 27, 2015 incorrectly stated that the Redmen football team beat Acadia 35-14. In fact, the Redmen won 45-14. 

An article in issue 1, Vol. 35 incorrectly stated that prospective voters in the 2015 Canadian Federal Election could use a Voter Identification Card as a proof of identity. In fact, citizens will not be able to use a Voter Identification Card as a proof of identity. 

An article published July 29, 2015 incorrectly stated that the lead singer of Tame Impala was Justin Parker. In fact, his name is Kevin Parker. 

An article published July 7, 2015 incorrectly stated the McGill medical program was under probation and will be re-evalulated in 2017 when in fact only the undergraduate program is under probation. It incorrectly stated that Dec. 1 was the deadline for a detailed plan, whereas no exact date was given in December. It incorrectly stated that there were major deficiencies in learning experiences and low quality instruction of women's health; in fact there were disparities in learning experiences and inadequate instruction of women's health. It incorrectly stated that there was a lack of overall direction and objectives where it should say that there was a lack of mapping objectives to outcomes.

An article in issue 21, Vol 34 incorrectly stated that the Anti-Austerity Activities Night was planned independently by students. In fact, it is being planned by the Students' Society of McGill University (SSMU).

An article in issue 19, Vol 34 incorrectly stated that Harper's proposed bill was C-15. In fact, it was C-51.

An article in issue 16, Vol 34 incorrectly stated that VP Internal May Yin-Liao stated during the SUS Fall GA that the SCSS fee would go towards renovating Burnside Hall. This was in fact stated by VP Internal Shaun Lampen.


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