The Viewpoint

The Viewpoint: Le Doggy Café

Le Doggy Café, which first opened in January 2015, is a Montreal café that allows you to eat in the presence of your dog. Located on the corner of Avenue du Mont-Royal Est and Avenue Papineau, this unique spot is a bring-your-own-dog café that offers enticing vegetarian and vegan dishes as[Read More…]

The Viewpoint: Être Avec Toi

Être Avec Toi (ÊAT) is a dining experience unlike anything else Montreal has to offer. Located outside the McGill bubble on Rue du Square-Victoria, this new restaurant concept attached to the W Hotel was born of a collaboration between Sid Lee Architecture, specializing in cutting-edge designs, and MASSIVart, an agency with[Read More…]

The Viewpoint: Café Melbourne

I’ll be the first to admit that I sometimes embody the ‘annoying-girl-who-won’t-stop-talking-about-her-exchange.’ My semester in Melbourne definitely left some of my peers and family members feeling tired of my frequent references to my time abroad, and I find myself comparing all aspects of life back home to my time in[Read More…]

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