Perfect roast chicken

Roast chicken is, in my opinion, the best dinner ever—full stop. Not only does it taste incredible, but it’s versatile: One chicken can become a week’s worth of dinners, a few days of lunches, and, eventually, it can simmer down into stock for soup. It’s the meal prepper’s dream. Below,[Read More…]

Salad, what are you?

Since the dawn of mankind, human beings have questioned the world that surrounds us. Is there intelligent life on other planets? How did this universe begin? Is McTavish stuck in a continuous state of construction? Do we have free will? Yet, one question has never been answered by the great[Read More…]

Good Mood Food: 3 recipes with mood-boosting properties

With second semester already in full swing, gloomily shortened winter days, and the 45th President of the United States’ rocky first week in office, McGill students currently face countless reasons to feel down. One solution to this can be found in the diet; studies have shown a strong correlation between[Read More…]

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