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The process is the protest

Between March 7 and March 18, organizers from Divest McGill occupied the McCall MacBain Arts Building to protest McGill’s multi-million dollar investments in the fossil fuel industry, calling on McGill to confront their complicity in settler-colonialism, white supremacy, and capitalism.  Over the past two weeks, Divest not only called attention[Read More…]

Spring break diaries

After an intense period of midterms and deadlines, reading week always comes as a much-needed break. Some take advantage of the break as an opportunity to catch up on any missed lectures or readings. Though the week off can be a good time to get a headstart on upcoming work,[Read More…]

From 1968-2022: Accessing birth control as a student

For many McGill students, university is a time of exploration. And yet, many students struggle to find adequate resources to help them navigate their sexual lives. Unfortunately, barriers to accessing comprehensive resources is nothing new. Since the 1960s, McGill students have been actively working to fill the gaps, creating sexual[Read More…]

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