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It’s not too late to save your grades

Did you spend St. Patrick’s Day mourning your midterm grades over Guinness? It’s not too late to get the grades you want, but finals start in just over three weeks, so it’s time to get serious. Problem: You haven’t gone to class. Solution: Start going. You may feel lost, but the professors usually start to give hints about the final exam around this time.

Perfect pitch: Fight Band looks to fine-tune McGill athletic pride

The McGill Fight Band doesn’t march. They don’t do halftime shows, they don’t wear Napoleonic uniforms, and they don’t have a dance team. If you’re looking for high-stepping, capes, or colour guards, you’re out of luck. But if you’re looking for spirit, look no further – the growing Fight Band does what fight bands are supposed to do and does it well.

A weekend in Munich

I should know better than to order anything off a German menu when the only German phrase I know is “beer, please.” Clearly this wasn’t the case after I found myself at the Haufbrauhaus in Munich, staring down at a plate of something that looked more or less like pig ankle (although I imagine it could have been an elbow or knee).

For Anglo-Montrealers, Super Sandwich is the place for lunch

Though downtown Montreal is filled with dépanneurs, the small establishment in the basement of the Cartier Building on Peel and Sherbrooke Streets is the only one that has several hundred loaves of bread delivered fresh every morning. That dépanneur, known as Super Sandwich because of the red-and-blue neon sign advertising “Super Sandwiches” mounted in the window, needs the loaves in order to make the hundreds of sandwiches it sells each afternoon.

Tofu vegetable stir-fry at the drop of a hat

Stir-frying random ingredients is a simple way to cook an impressive meal without culinary skill or expertise. I lack all three, but I can still make a passable tofu stir-fry without setting something on fire. The following recipe takes 10-30 minutes to prepare, depending on how many vegetables you use, and about 10 minutes to actually cook.

Fashion Week Montreal

The 18th annual Montreal Fashion Week kicked off in style at the Marché Bonsecours last week. The festival was full of innovative fashion shows, glamorous parties, and the fifth edition of Le Showroom, in which leading designers play host to buyers from around the world.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Mystery Vegetable, Served Two Ways

Fennel is my favourite vegetable by all counts, but not one that I see people cooking with very often. However, I use it all the time, and I’m always pleasantly surprised by the many ways it can be used. Fennel is a root vegetable that looks like a cross between a white onion and celery, with dill sprouting from the top.

Back to basics: margaritas

Canadian-Mexican cuisine is one step below Tex-Mex: anything that’s spicy and can be served with a tortilla is labeled as Mexican food. While I can’t change the food – the best Mexican food ingredients are nearly impossible to find in Montreal – the margaritas are certainly fixable.

Students Supporting Disabilities

While many students are directly or indirectly affected by disabilities, until now, few have felt comfortable enough to talk about it with their peers, fearing discrimination or lack of understanding from others. Students Supporting Disabilities (SSD), a new McGill club, is working to change this.

Demystifying depanneur wine

When it’s 10:59 p.m. on a Friday night, the SAQ is long closed, the pre-drink just started, and that bottle of vodka you thought was in the freezer is actually in the recycling bin empty, depanneur wine is always there to save you from what otherwise would have been a dry night.

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