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Demystifying depanneur wine

When it’s 10:59 p.m. on a Friday night, the SAQ is long closed, the pre-drink just started, and that bottle of vodka you thought was in the freezer is actually in the recycling bin empty, depanneur wine is always there to save you from what otherwise would have been a dry night.

Get absolutely anything delivered

Now that subzero temperatures and snowstorms have returned to Montreal, you may be feeling a little reluctant to leave your room. The following services will deliver right to your doorstep, whether you’re sick, hungover, or just a typical lazy student. Scenario: It’s 3 a.

In Brooklyn, fresh Montreal bagels now for sale by the dozen

Minutes after they finished watching the Canadian Olympic hockey team defeat the Slovakians last Friday, Joel Tietolman and Jon Leitner walked into St.-Viateur Bagel, paid for the 115 dozen bagels they had pre-ordered, and began loading them in Tietolman’s Volkswagen Passat.

Cheese, herb and beer bread

Beer bread is a savoury quickbread, much like a salty, dense pound cake. This specific recipe is made with cheese, which seeps through the delicious bread. Rosemary and thyme impart a sophisticated flavour, but the real kicker is the beer, which acts as a levener and adds a yeasty undertone.

First aid for computers, old or new

You’ve probably noticed that as your computer gets older, it seems to slow down. While it is true that newer computers are faster, this is no reason for your older computer to be any slower than the first day you got it. Here are a number of steps that can keep your computer functioning like it’s brand new.

Tips from a personal trainer

Staying in shape and keeping up a regular fitness regimen in winter can be a challenge. But rather than staying in bed or camping out in the library, grab winter by the horns – or rather, the icicles – and embrace it. Many people opt to stay in, make a nice cup of hot chocolate and a snack, and let the nostalgic TV reruns roll.

A rustic blood orange tart, made simple

Blood oranges are bright, aromatic, and have a rich citrus flavour. This rustic tart exploits their beautiful colors and sweet juices so that by the time it’s out of the oven your house will smell and feel like summer. Although the recipe is a slightly laborious process, think of it as an excuse to stay inside.

Hot toddies for cold nights

Despite sounding like the stage name of a male stripper, the hot toddy is a classic hot beverage that’s perfect for cold weather. Whether you’re in the damp climate of Scotland (the toddy’s oft-cited birthplace) or enduring a – 30 degree day in Montreal, the hot toddy is the perfect way to prepare yourself for the chilly walk to the bar.

Om: a taste of Tibet

The prospect of a big, steaming bowl of noodle soup was what originally drew me to Om Tibetan restaurant on St. Laurent – a friend of mine boasted that he had found the best bowl of soup in the city. Initially sceptical, I finally tried it for myself and have many times since gone back for more.


A harmless ice-breaker had suddenly gotten kind of awkward. I was on a first-year residence council and I had tossed out the idea that we go around the circle and each list our name, our hometown, and our favourite food. But when we got to my friend Sarah, everything went a bit astray.

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