Campus Spotlight

Campus Spotlight: #TakeJamesDown

Anti-Black racism at McGill is institutionalized, and the work of Black student activists is vital in demanding systemic changes on campus. A summer of Black Lives Matter protests sparked by the continued police brutality and murders of Black people have brought increased visibility to Black activism around the globe, including[Read More…]

Clubs still struggling to find spaces

In March 2018, the University Centre, commonly known among students as the “SSMU Building,” closed for much-needed renovations. While the building was scheduled to open by the end of that year, this date has been pushed back to April 2020, 16 months past the initial deadline. During this two-year period,[Read More…]

At home at ECOLE

Throughout the year, McGill and Milton-Parc community members can be found at the ECOLE house, located at 3559 rue University, working to advance social and environmental sustainability through a range of groups and projects. Originally called Alternative University, ECOLE was born out of the 2012 Quebec student movement, wherein students[Read More…]

Down the Rabbit Hole Café

Every Friday at the Rabbit Hole Café, McGill students can be found huddled over Tupperware in the eclectic basement of the Yellow Door, seated at packed tables under a sprinkling of fairy lights. Serving up vegan lunches out of 3625 rue Aylmer for a suggested donation of around $3, the[Read More…]

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