Know Your Athlete

Know Your Athlete: Braden Tennill

A disclaimer to our usual “Know Your Athlete” series: Braden Tennill, U1 Engineering, is not technically a McGill-affiliated athlete. His baseball team, along with eight other sports teams, were cut for the 2021-2022 school year due to a lack of medical staffing.  As a pitcher and dedicated student, Tennill is[Read More…]

Know Your Athlete: Juliano Cobuzzi

McGill Redbirds Soccer centre-back Juliano Cobuzzi, U4 Engineering, spends most of his spare time on the soccer pitch and in the kitchen, two places central to his upbringing. Cobuzzi’s soccer career began under the watchful eye of his father, his first coach. Some of his earliest memories centre around his[Read More…]

Know your athlete: Dylan Havelock

As co-president of the McGill Men’s Rugby Team and a Dean’s Honour List scholar, Dylan Havelock, U4 Engineering, is the true embodiment of a student athlete. The fifth-year winger, who is passionate about both rugby and engineering, has strived for excellence both on the pitch and in the classroom. “I[Read More…]

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