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Under the influence of beer pong

The aromas of warm beer and sweat fill the air as loud cheers regularly erupt from a corner of the party. People rejoice as one team loses, and another team rushes to play against the winners. The festive and joyful atmosphere is the result of a game of beer-pong—a university[Read More…]

Know Your Athlete: Mara Bouchard

Starting university is a challenging time of transition for all first-year students, both academically and socially. For student athletes, this period is particularly difficult, as they are presented with the additional challenges of meeting teammates, coaches, and staff that will become critical figures in their daily lives. Mara Bouchard, U1[Read More…]

Exposing the history of streaking in sports

Streaking, despite its taboo status, is a popular idea in our collective cultural memory. It’s a common high school and college movie trope to force the loser of a bet to “streak across the quad” or “do a naked lap.” This idea, however, didn’t come from nowhere: The art of[Read More…]

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