Album Review: Adele – 21

British soul singer Adele's second album, 21, is conscious of its status as a make-or-break sophomore record. But while 2008's 19 was an album full of heart-wrenching confessions of love and regret, 21 doesn't wear its heart on its sleeve in quite the same way. The songs are still romantic[Read More…]

Too cool for school

McGill Tribune It’s no secret that our campus isn’t always a cheery oasis of bustling students whistling as they work. We rarely move from classroom to cafeteria with a hop, skip, and a “Howdy, partner.” Ours is a place where acrimony rules the student council, academic competition trumps academic enrichment,[Read More…]

High Five!

Alice Walker For some reason, the high-five has lost a lot of the popularity it once held. I don’t know why this is, since high-fiving is totally awesome. It’s like saying hi to someone and them saying it back to you and you’re so excited to see each other that[Read More…]

Egyptian Revolution wasn’t about food

McGill Tribune Dear Vicky, When I woke up on Tuesday and decided to read the Tribune, I had the misfortune of coming across your piece, “Democracy is not a right,” in which you admitted that you were originally against the Egyptian protests on the basis that they would “wreak havoc”[Read More…]

Chicago by the El train

Amelia Bailey The Windy City used to be best known for three prominent residents: Al Capone, Oprah and Michael Jordan. Many Chicagoans were content with their reputation for gang violence and the occasional successful sports franchise, but in the early 2000s, Mayor Richard Daley decided the city needed a change[Read More…]

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