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A Woman’s Right to Sex

Much to the chagrin of prudes, puritans, and everyone in between, the “Fuck List” of a recent Duke graduate was recently leaked on the Internet. The list, dubbed a “senior thesis” by creator Karen Owen (or as I shall soon need to call her, Hester Prynne), contained an in-depth analysis[Read More…]

Arch Cafe, Martyr

I don’t care about the Architecture Café. Maybe I’m a traitor and you hate me and I’m completely wrong, but at least I’m honest. All the protesting and rallies meant little to me even after I found out the café was the only student-run food spot on campus. I understand[Read More…]

Confidence and Female Achievement

When it comes to diversity in politics, Canada has a long way to go. This is true even compared to the United States. Only one woman has ever been elected as a premier in Canada, and we’ve had only one female prime minister. The U.S., on the other hand, currently[Read More…]

Vive les prostitutes libres!

“How am I going to celebrate? I’m going to spank some ass.” -Terri Jean-Bradford Terri has a lot to celebrate. She is a dominatrix, and last week the Ontario Superior Court of Justice struck down three provisions of the Criminal Code related to the operation of a “bawdy house” (a[Read More…]

Letter to the Editor: Mobile computing and communications

I was pleased to see the Tribune report on the recently approved guidelines for the use of mobile computing and communications devices (MC2) in classrooms at McGill ("Guidelines proposed for laptop ban," September 21). I would encourage interested students to consult the full document, available on the TLS home page[Read More…]

How to Get Rid of a Campus Group

McGill Tribune 1) Chose a group with an opt-outable funding system (these groups are usually “progressive”, e.g. QPIRG) 2) Coordinate a mass-flyer campaign with a catchy slogan like “save some money” detailing how to opt-out of their fee. 3)  Don’t provide any info about the organization (if you do, it[Read More…]

Boycott should be more steak, less sizzle

McGill Tribune In response to the closure of the Architecture Café, the Students Society of McGill University Council passed a resolution last Thursday in support of boycotting all campus food locations owned by McGill Food and Dining Services until the administration proves more willing to engage in student consultation. While[Read More…]

EUS ban of QPIRG a hasty overreaction

McGill Tribune At their council meeting on Tuesday, the Engineering Undergraduate Society banned the Quebec Public Interest Research Group from using any promotional tables in the McConnell Engineering Building for one year. This ban came in response to the September 23 confrontation between QPIRG and the QPIRG Opt-Out Campaign, which[Read More…]

Another Open Letter to McGill University

McGill Tribune I recently read that you placed extremely well in various rankings of universities around the world. Congratulations! You must be very proud. I hope you realize, that, as Heather Munroe-Blum herself said, this is in large part due to the students and alumni. In light of this, my[Read More…]

QPIRG Opt-Out Campaign

McGill Tribune As many McGill students know, several associations have once again joined together to launch the QPIRG Opt-Out Campaign. Every semester, the campaign aims to inform students about their right to opt-out of the Quebec Public Interest Research Group. We never expected that this year QPIRG would use violence[Read More…]

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