Off the Board

Health care gets personal

Most Canadians perceive general flaws in the country’s health care system, but report positive individual experiences. Until recently, I counted myself among those who held this idea: I knew there were gaps in the system, but had always received excellent care. I strongly believed that despite these gaps, Canada’s public[Read More…]

Here comes the SunTV

Last Friday, the Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission approved Category Two certification for SunTV, a 24-hour news/talk television channel. The negative reactions of many Canadians at the prospect of SunTV, which have been evident since Quebecor announced plans to create the channel, are the most recent manifestation of a widespread[Read More…]

Simplify Sexual Harassment Procedure

Last week I wrote a Features article (“Sexual Harassment at McGill,” November 23) about sexual harassment at McGill. I expected it to be a straightforward assignment—resources for this type of thing should be easily accessible. But by the time I sat down to write the article, I was disturbed by[Read More…]

Bilingualism: a plus

According to a recent study, Canadians who speak both English and French are likely to have higher incomes than their unilingual peers. Louis Christofides and Robert Swidinsky of the University of Guelph found that a basic knowledge of a second language could positively affect one’s income. Using data from the[Read More…]

Leave Your Lulus Behind

According to the Rock ‘n’ Roll racing series—which is slowly taking over every distance race in the U.S.—to be a successful runner one must eat P.F. Chang’s Chinese food, drink light beer, and wear $200 worth of Brook’s running gear. Don’t forget the $350 Garmin watch that has GPS, a[Read More…]

Registration Not Necessarily Required

As a frequent Internet user, I must comment on something that frustrates me more than getting ready to tackle a room full of unbuilt Ikea furniture only to find out I don’t have a screwdriver: why do I need an account to use nearly every website? Take a moment and[Read More…]

OFF THE BOARD: Beautiful People

Websites where people can enter their personal information, upload a seven year old picture of themselves, and be matched with their soul-mate on a thousand levels of compatibility have caught the eyes of nerds and other socially awkward Internet users everywhere.

OFF THE BOARD: Confessions of a Renegade Cyclist

To those whose misfortune it may have been, at two p.m. on any given weekday at the beginning of this summer, after my logic class ended, to have found themselves somewhere along the most direct route – and I mean the most direct – between campus and my apartment on Rue St.

OFF THE BOARD: Mac for President

Those stupid Apple commercials are everywhere. If you haven’t seen the black and white Warhol-esque ads of people dancing in a faux-minimalist frenzy, the towers of cds exploding into pretentious, post-modern music mayhem or even the latest iPod glow-in-the-dark graffiti kick, you are missing out on one wild ride of counter-culture appropriation.

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