The importance of conscientious thrifting

For most McGill students, the term “thrifting” inspires a host of sensory images—dusty fur coats and yellowed lace, Grandma Martha’s prom dress, those perfect light-wash Levi’s shorts with just the right amount of distress, and an astounding quantity of unnamed articles from the ‘70’s. From Value Village to vintage boutiques on[Read More…]

Echo chambers on autoplay: How social media news videos hurt political dialogue

Flashing through countless newsfeeds with bold lettering and eye-catching, often shocking imagery, online news videos have become intrinsic to users’ experience on social media. Painstakingly engineered for maximum impact on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, these brief videos are just one embodiment of social and news media’s increased reliance on one[Read More…]

Conscious eating: More than just labels

What people refer to when they talk about organic food has become a point of contention. Technically, the term “organic” refers to a food item that is grown according to certain Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) standards; culturally, it is more expansive. To some people, going “organic” signifies leading a[Read More…]

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