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SSMU prepares inaugural year for Faculty Olympics

Have you always known that your faculty could beat the crap out of any other faculty on campus? You might have to put up or shut up this winter with the introduction of the first ever Faculty Olympics. Although the idea has been around since at least last year, the Faculty Olympics have never been realized.

SPEAKERS ON CAMPUS: Don’t call it ‘Islamo-facism’

With the United States’ foreign policy, engagement in Iraq and Afghanistan and war on terrorism making international headlines daily, Canada’s role in the war on terror has received less scrutiny. To fill the void as well as to combat the negative views of Islam, the Muslim Students Association organized a conference last Wednesday night entitled “Canada and the War on Terror.

NATIONAL: First Nations’ new station

In hopes of preserving First Nations language and promoting world peace, the first of a network of radio stations sponsored by the Global Country of World Peace was launched Thursday. The station will broadcast from Fredericton, New Brunswick in the native languages of the area, Maliseet, Mi’kmaq and Passamaquoddy.

EDITORIAL: A hit and a miss: tales of execs’ summer projects

The academic year is back in full swing, and Students’ Society executives are for the first time facing oversight of their actions from SSMU Council. Two notable summer projects have come up so far, the Harm Reduction Centre (HRC) and the Flying Squad. Both are still in the larvae stage, and there are many details that remain to be worked out concerning their structures before they can be given full approval.

Alleged plot enrages SSMU

Relations between the Students’ Society and La Fédération Etudiante Universitaire du Québec have reached the boiling point this week due to what SSMU has deemed a “scheme to undermine the political sovereignty and democratic processes of the McGill campus.

Creating a clean Canadian future

Sustainable development and environmental law were on the minds of 65 lawyers from across Canada as they met in Montreal last week. Addressing topics such as criminal law and the environment, evaluation of environmental damages and Aboriginal law, the 18th annual Environmental Lawyers in Government conference discussed ways to solve current environmental problems.

Africa is not the dark continent

A conference on African development held at Concordia University Saturday and Sunday reminded its audience of their “global responsibility” towards the world’s impoverished peoples. Organized by the Global Forum on International Cooperation, a student organization at Concordia, the conference, entitled “Connecting Global Youth Confronting Global Challenges: A Conference on African Development,” explored dilemmas and realities of development in Africa.

CITY: Cessna lands on Parc

Tam-tams participants quickly became eyewitnesses to a private Cessna airplane safely landing on Avenue du Parc near the George-Étienne Cartier monument at 4 p.m. Sunday.

CAMPUS: 4Floors postponed

The recent events at Dawson College caused the Students’ Society to reschedule the traditional September 4Floors party in Shatner last week. However, after low attendance in previous years, many are wondering if 4Floors can ever be revived to its previous glory days.

CAMPUS: Hema-Quebec’s speedy return questionable

Héma-Québec is still unsure about returning to McGill after a controversial though effective protest staged by radical sexual rights group Second Cumming during last January’s blood drive. The demonstration was in protest of the blood agency’s policy barring men who have sex with men from donating blood.

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