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Dentistry grad criticizes Quebec’s language exam

Jennifer Plotnick, a recent graduate from the McGill Faculty of Dentistry, has found herself with an unenviable commute due to Quebec’s language requirements. After failing to meet the French language requirements for out-of-province professionals, Plotnick now drives nearly two hours every morning to practice dentistry in Plattsburgh, New York.

Five-alarm fire destroys 117-year-old Franciscan church

On February 6, a five-alarm fire destroyed a 117-year-old abandoned church at 2040 René Lévesque. The blaze raged from 5 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., forcing the Montreal Fire Department to demolish what remained of the building for safety reasons. The fire badly damaged the former convent attached to the church and an historic mansion on the same property.

Senate delays approval on Research and IT Resource policies

The McGill University Senate met for the second time this calendar year on Wednesday to address two policies awaiting approval by its members. Acting as the Senate’s chair, Principal Heather Munroe-Blum spoke about her recent trip to India in her opening remarks.

Five of seven motions pass at Winter General Assembly

Five out of seven motions passed at the Students’ Society’s Winter General Assembly last Wednesday, with only a motion that sought to ban discriminatory groups – specifically pro-life groups – failing, and another being ruled out of order. Unlike last semester’s GA, the assembly managed to address each motion of new business while maintaining quorum throughout.

Land Institute founder Wes Jackson discusses climate change

Wes Jackson, a leading environmentalist and the founder of the Land Institute, a Kansas-based environmental research organization, kicked off his lecture last Wednesday with a harrowing comparison. “I am going to give a talk tonight that may be rough,” said Jackson.

In India, Munroe-Blum secures a new research partnership

McGill is hoping that a new agreement with TERI University in India will put the university at the forefront of climate research. The research memorandum focusses on three different aspects of environmental research: urban transportation, biofuels, and renewable energy.

Ed. students fight for paid stage

Education students from McGill and universities across the province will gather in Quebec City this Thursday for a demonstration as part of the campaign to gain remuneration for their fourth-year practicum – or work placement course. Students pursuing education degrees in Quebec are currently required to complete four unpaid practicums, one in each year of their program.

SSMU to close Haven Books after losses of over $200,000

After sustaining losses of over $200,000 over the past three years, the Students’ Society has decided to close Haven Books. On the recommendation of then-Vice-President Finance and Operations Dave Sunstrum, SSMU purchased Haven Books – a consignment bookstore located on Aylmer Street just below Sherbrooke – from Kevin Bozzo for approximately $40,000, according to Vice-President Finance and Operations Jose Díaz, in March 2007.

In Kahnawake, eviction notices force non-Aboriginals off the land

In response to a growing number of complaints by residents of the Kahnawake reservation on the South Shore, the Mohawk Council of Kahnawake has served eviction notices to all non-native people living illegally on the reserve. In accordance with Canadian law, the federal government grants land reserves to native bands, who are then in charge of deciding their own residence laws.

Penguins CEO addresses Management students

Ken Sawyer, CEO of the Pittsburgh Penguins, spoke to an enthusiastic audience in the third-floor lounge of the Bronfman building last Friday as part of the Faculty of Management’s CEO Speaker Series. Within the last decade, the Penguins have propelled themselves from bankruptcy to the Stanley Cup.

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