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Tribune to become independent newspaper

After 29 years under the Students’ Society, the McGill Tribune will become an independent newspaper next year. A referendum question that asked students if they would support a $3 non-opt-outable fee for an independent Tribune passed with 49.9 per cent voting yes, 29.

Changes to Frosh may eliminate daytime drinking by leaders

After several months of discussion between the Students’ Society, faculty associations, and members of the administration, major changes may be in store for Frosh this coming year. “The university is looking for basic, systematic changes, but those changes are very big ideologically,” Students’ Society Vice-President Internal Alex Brown said.

SSMU Candidate Interviews

STEFAN LINK How will your past experience influence your approach to the presidential portfolio? I have always been looking at the basic student services that affect the majority of people. So in the Physics Society, I knew that the math department had a really functional help desk that lots of students use and I didn’t understand why physics didn’t have a similar service, so I just wanted to start something similar for the physics people, and I did.

Daniel Jutras appointed Dean of the McGill Faculty of Law

On February 17, Daniel Jutras was appointed Dean of the McGill Faculty of Law. Jutras had served as the interim dean since July 1, 2009, after working at the Supreme Court of Canada for several years and then the national law firm of Borden Ladner Gervais.

Referendum rundown: what you need to know before voting

Question RE: Bodily Sovereignty This question is a toned-down version of the General Assembly motion concerning discriminatory groups, which sought to amend the Students’ Society constitution to prohibit pro-life clubs from existing. A “Yes” vote would require SSMU to take action against groups that compromise “bodily sovereignty.

SSMU Candidate Interviews

JOSHUA ABAKI What has Rebecca Dooley done right this year, and what would you do differently? One of the things she has done well is getting student opinion – for example, “The McGill We Want.” I think that’s a very important task force, because it shows the McGill administration that we are actually going out there and getting the student mandate.

Tuition comments spark protest

In response to the Quebec Minister of Education Michelle Courchesne’s recent hint that tuition may increase in Quebec, a small group of McGill students gathered in protest at the Roddick Gates on February 18. Some carried signs reading, “Courchesne I can’t afford your lies” while others passed out flyers explaining that since the 2007 deregulation of tuition fees for Quebec and out-of-province students, tuition has increased by approximately $100 per year.

Funding cuts may shut First Nations University’s doors for good

The First Nations University of Canada, North America’s only fully accredited Aboriginal university, has had a rough year. The school’s future is up in the air after losing over $12 million dollars in provincial and federal funding cuts in late January and early February.

Dentistry grad criticizes Quebec’s language exam

Jennifer Plotnick, a recent graduate from the McGill Faculty of Dentistry, has found herself with an unenviable commute due to Quebec’s language requirements. After failing to meet the French language requirements for out-of-province professionals, Plotnick now drives nearly two hours every morning to practice dentistry in Plattsburgh, New York.

With referendum vote, Tribune is poised for independence

In what Opinion Editor Matt Chesser called a “do-or-die” situation, The McGill Tribune’s future will be determined by a SSMU referendum next week. Should the referendum question pass, the Tribune would become fully independent after 29 years as a publication under the auspices of the Students’ Society.

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