News, off and on campus.

Day of fasting held to support world’s poor

Twenty McGill students went hungry for a day at Macdonald campus in an effort to raise money for impoverished countries. The McGill chapter of Engineers Without Borders held 24 hour famine to educate the community on world poverty and to help send two McGill students to work with NGOs overseas.

All GA motions pass

The Students’ Society held its first semi-annual General Assembly of the year last Thursday. Required once a semeseter after an ammendment to the Students’ Society constitution made last spring, the GA is designed to provide a way for students to take part in active democracy on campus.

Montreal politician makes noise in library school

The importance of libraries as a political issue was stressed by Plateau-Mont-Royal Executive Helen Fotopoulos to the Graduate School of Library and Information Studies on Wednesday. Fotopoulos spoke about her experiences trying to bring attention to the state of libraries in the Montreal area.

Exploring ethics

Renowned ethicist and McGill Professor Margaret Somerville will give the 2006 Massey Lecture at the Mount Royale Centre today. Presented by CBC Radio One and McGill University, the Massey Lecture is a prestigious annual event designed to bring scholars to Canadian universities in order to discuss issues of political, cultural or philosophical importance.

News Brief

Fasting For Darfur McGill’s Students Taking Action Now on Darfur organization participated in a broader global initiative to raise awareness about the Darfur crisis on Thursday. STAND members fasted for 24 hours and encouraged other students to give up a luxury for the day.

CAMPUS: SSMU Flying Squad getting its wings

Students’ Society Vice-President External Max Silverman is looking to make some noise on campus with his latest initiative, the SSMU Flying Squad. The group, which is still in its early stages of planning, plans to make it easier to mobilize students for issues that require support.

Former PM Joe Clark to join McGill staff

The McGill Centre for Developing-Area Studies recently hired political activist Joe Clark, who will begin teaching Oct. 1. He will be taking the position of Professor of Practice for Public-Private Sector Partnerships and will be responsible for helping build bridges between academic, public sector, private sector and NGOs to real world issues.

CAMPUS: Thieves break into Leacock lockers

Last Thursday, 74 lockers in the basement of the Leacock Building were vandalized. A still unknown person or persons cut the locks and rifled through the contents of the lockers most likely between 6:30 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. As of Friday evening, some students had reported missing items, mostly of little value.

SSMU prepares inaugural year for Faculty Olympics

Have you always known that your faculty could beat the crap out of any other faculty on campus? You might have to put up or shut up this winter with the introduction of the first ever Faculty Olympics. Although the idea has been around since at least last year, the Faculty Olympics have never been realized.

SPEAKERS ON CAMPUS: Don’t call it ‘Islamo-facism’

With the United States’ foreign policy, engagement in Iraq and Afghanistan and war on terrorism making international headlines daily, Canada’s role in the war on terror has received less scrutiny. To fill the void as well as to combat the negative views of Islam, the Muslim Students Association organized a conference last Wednesday night entitled “Canada and the War on Terror.

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