Board of Governors condemns Charter of Values

Members of McGill’s Board of Governors (BoG) voted unanimously to condemn the Parti Québécois’s proposed Charter of Values last Thursday. The bill, which aims to restrict public sector employees from wearing visible religious symbols, was tabled by Quebec’s National Assembly on Nov. 7 with modifications that would no longer allow[Read More…]

Mentor program to launch

As an attempt to enrich the university experience and increase direct contact between McGill students, faculty, and staff, a Staff-Student Mentoring program is scheduled begin this term. Students will be randomly assigned to a mentor from a faculty different from their own, in order to build a non-academic relationship and[Read More…]

Consultation forum held to enhance communication

Holly Stewart Last Friday, the Student Consultation and Communication Work Group held an open forum to encourage students to suggest ways of improving communication, and consultation between the McGill administration and student body. The Work Group was created in October 2010 in response to controversies over such administrative decisions as[Read More…]

Newburgh authors motion to abolish General Assembly

Alice Walker Councillors were notified at Thursday’s Students’ Society Council meeting of a proposed referendum question that could abolish SSMU’s General Assembly, the once-a-semester forum for undergraduates to vote on issues of concern to them.   The referendum question, authored by SSMU President Zach Newburgh, and moved by Newburgh, Vice-President[Read More…]

New conservative student news source launched Monday

The year in campus media took perhaps its most interesting turn last Monday with the launch of the Prince Arthur Herald, a new online conservative student newspaper based at McGill. The website’s political positions, which tend to be libertarian, are articulated in a 25-point Statement of Principles.  “Our paper supports[Read More…]

City councillor donates own body

Former City Councillor Michael Fainstat donated his body to McGill’s Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry in a program that gives students hands-on experience with real bodies. Fainstat, who died at 87 on December 29, was known for his many contributions to the community and decided to make his body the[Read More…]

A Shorter Frosh

Adam Scotti Due to calendar changes made by the university administration, Frosh is likely to change dramatically next year, with a variety of social and orientation events packed into a shorter time frame. The details of the proposed changes are still being discussed, but a key factor driving them is[Read More…]

Midnight Kitchen takes over Shatner’s Room 302

In an attempt to replace the Architecture Café, Room 302 of the Shatner Building is set to become the newest university lounge. The space, which is currently used during mealtime by Midnight Kitchen, will add to the number of student-friendly spots on campus and serve as a space for student[Read More…]

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