Principal Heather Munroe-Blum talks tuition and research

Alice Walker Last week, Principal Heather Munroe-Blum sat down with reporters from the Tribune, the Daily, and Le Délit to discuss tuition fees, the university’s relationship with Quebec City, and competition between McGill and American schools. The interview has been edited and condensed. Thanks to the Daily and Le Délit[Read More…]

McGill earns B+ in university sustainability rankings

The Sustainable Endowments Institute gave McGill a B+ on its annual report card for university sustainability released on October 27. However, members of the university community raised doubts about the grade’s accuracy. According to Susan Paykin, director of communications for the Sustainable Endowments Institute, sustainability grades are calculated with data[Read More…]

McGill institutes $150 fee for study abroad applications

Students applying to study abroad in the 2011-12 academic year will be charged a non-refundable $150 application fee, due to a new policy instituted by the McGill administration this past September. Applications to study at a foreign university had previously been processed by McGill for free.   According to Deputy[Read More…]

Business rises at student-run food outlets on campus

In the wake of the administration’s closure of the Architecture Café and subsequent Students’ Society-supported boycott of McGill Food and Dining Services, some of McGill’s student-run food services have seen an increase in business this semester. Over the summer, the McGill administration closed the Architecture Café, a popular student-managed eatery[Read More…]

Redpath Museum launches new historical database website

A new historical collections website was unveiled at the Redpath Museum last Thursday. After years of collaboration, the museum’s Heritage Advisory Committee has centralized the previously scattered collection of pages for easier access to departmental and special library collections, museums, and the nature reserves. The launch gave McGill Principal Heather[Read More…]

Students rally to save the Architecture Cafe

Margot Van Der Krogt In a last-ditch attempt to save the Architecture Café, hundreds of students gathered to protest outside the Leacock Building last Wednesday afternoon.  The rally kicked off minutes before McGill’s first senate meeting of the year was scheduled to begin in Leacock 232. As administrators, professors, and[Read More…]

McGill no longer subsidizing French classes

After several years of subsidizing French as a Second Language class fees for international students, McGill has determined that it can no longer afford to offer the program at such a low cost.

Last spring, the university decided that it would raise international tuition rates for FRSL classes in to improve McGill’s severe deficit.

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