Montreal hipster ‘heard of it first’

In the Mile-End neighbourhood of Montreal, tote bags too-small-to-carry-anything-in are catching on. But local hipster James Bax assures that he totally heard of it first.  “Everyone started using these tote bags all of a sudden,” Bax said. “But I started it. I mean, I’ve used aesthetically-pleasing but nonfunctional things for[Read More…]

Marty the Martlet elected SSMU president

McGill mascot Marty the Martlet was announced as winner of the presidential contest for the Students’ Society of McGill University (SSMU) for the 2017-18 school year. The gigantic bird fought a hard campaign against Jane Darnold, ultimately finding success with his “Just Wing It,” platform. Upon hearing the news, Darnold was[Read More…]

April Fools Issue 2016

The McGill Tribune presents its articles for its annual April Fools' Joke issue:  Stories SSMU turns to flip cup to decide result of “divisive” and “external” motions​ McGill to divest from colour red Student crashes Minerva by accidently completing course evaluation Varsity LARP team wins regional championship Students discovered in[Read More…]

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