Film and TV

Between a rock and a hard place Two years after the release of director Danny Boyle’s Slumdog Millionaire comes 127 Hours, a film based on the terrifying true story of adventure seeker Aron Ralston (James Franco). Ralston inadvertently has his right arm pinned between a boulder and a cavern wall during an afternoon hike in the[Read More…]

Guns and sorrow

The Hollywood summer marketing machine has shifted its focus from the teenage audience back to an audience that wants quality movies. What a relief; Enter The American. The premise is simple: Jack (George Clooney), a shady veteran spy with a knack for assembling weapons, is asked to build a rifle[Read More…]

Blue deja vu

Business students, put away your books; James Cameron and Fox Studios are about to give you a marketing lesson to remember. Some of you might have had a feeling of déjà vu if you bumped into an Avatar: Soon in Theatres poster. I thought I was suffering from a space-time[Read More…]

Commericals that will make you think

Last Wednesday, Cinema du Parc showed a screening of Cannes Lions, a part of the prestigious annual film festival in Cannes, which honours the world’s most creative and effective ads. The competition’s 57th anniversary presented eight awards to Canadian agencies, two of them from Quebec. This two-hour experience—screening a little[Read More…]

The Unexpected Appeal of Teen Mom

I’ll admit it: I love MTV’s  Teen Mom. I’ve been addicted since season one of 16 and Pregnant, thinking that the show would be exactly the mind-numbing hour of reality television I would need to carry on with my life. But three seasons later, I’ve come to appreciate the show[Read More…]

Re-opening the files of A Film Unfinished

If A Film Unfinished were nothing but 60 minutes of raw Nazi propaganda footage filmed in the Warsaw Ghetto, it would still be the most affecting film viewers have seen in a very long time. If the five silent reels found in an East German bunker nine years after the[Read More…]

We get it: life is meaningless

Anybody who’s seen Annie Hall, Manhattan, or Sleeper knows that when it comes to comedy, Woody Allen is a genius. His scripts, his unique brand of neuroticism, and the depth of the themes he explores make him one of the most important filmmakers of our time.   But in the[Read More…]

Fair Game breaks the rules Warning: If you don’t remember the Valerie Plame affair of a few years ago, you should brush up on the scandal before going to see Fair Game, the new movie based on the story. Naomi Watts plays Valerie Wilson (know to her colleagues by the pseudonym Valerie Plame), an[Read More…]

Glee Grows Up

Glee. The word is instantly recognizable, and not just because it’s part of the English language. The ubiquitous television show has become an unstoppable machine since its inception, and its popularity has reached staggering heights in recent months. Now in its second season, the show delivers a weekly dose of[Read More…]

A blue-headed villain

About 15 minutes into Megamind, the movie’s eponymous villain succeeds in defeating Metro Man, the Superman-like hero, giving Megamind control of Metro City. But after moving into city hall and exhausting his list of destructive pranks (launching fire trucks into the sides of buildings, painting blue moustaches on portraits), Megamind[Read More…]

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