Author: Kimaya Tekade

McGill Psycho

260946387 is handsome, well-educated, and intelligent. He is twenty-seven and living his own McGillian dream. He studies by day, achieving a grade point average of 4.0. Staff Producer Kate Gelinas documents a day in the life of a 4.0 GPA student at McGill University in this parody of Patrick Bateman’s[Read More…]

On becoming the It-Girl

With the spring weather suddenly upon us, it is time to look wistfully forward to summer…or more specifically, the summer aesthetic. It doesn’t matter that it is barely spring, or that the spring solstice was only last Sunday—it will never be too early to start working on your bikini body! [Read More…]

Dear students, from Cloudberry

Cloudberry the squirrel has asked The McGill Tribune to publish the following letter on her behalf.  Hey McGillians,  Cloudberry here. I’ve asked the Tribune to share this message on my behalf as I don’t have social media.  The Tribune has shown me all of the fan accounts on social media[Read More…]

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