Author: Madison Edward-Wright & Juliet Morrison

Suzanne Fortier reflects on McGill’s future and lessons learned from COVID-19

As the Fall 2021 semester and McGill’s bicentennial year comes to a close, the McGill administration has started envisioning plans for the university’s academic, ecological, and structural future. From opening a new Office for Mediation and Reporting, to assessing McGill’s Strategic Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Plan and the Anti-Black Racism[Read More…]

Lube: What’s good and what’s just goo?

Consumerism is a curse! There’s nothing like choice paralysis, a phenomenon exemplified by the feeling of standing in the sexual health aisle of Pharmaprix and staring at the vast lube section: Water-based, silicone-based, massage oils, and more. Here, The McGill Tribune breaks down which ones are condom-compatible, safe for use[Read More…]

Know Your Athlete: Mara Bouchard

Starting university is a challenging time of transition for all first-year students, both academically and socially. For student athletes, this period is particularly difficult, as they are presented with the additional challenges of meeting teammates, coaches, and staff that will become critical figures in their daily lives. Mara Bouchard, U1[Read More…]

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