Author: Madison McLauchlan & Shafaq Nami

Quebec University All-Stars face off against Habs rookies, losing 5-3

Closing out the 2021 Montreal Canadiens rookie camp, the top Habs prospects played an exhibition game against the Quebec University All-Stars (QUAS)—a team made up of players from McGill, Concordia, and Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières (UQTR). Despite a strong showing from the all-stars, eight of whom play for the[Read More…]

Quebec must answer for non-consensual sterilizations

Content warning: This article discusses forced sterilization, racism Radio-Canada recently aired an interview with a 44-year-old Haitian woman, Maria*, who claimed she was sterilized without consent at a Montreal hospital in 2018. She was asked if she wanted to undergo tubal ligation to prevent further pregnancies during her emergency C-section.[Read More…]

The art of companionship

As the ending of the 1994 award-winning novel //Snow Falling on Cedars// says, “accident ruled every corner of the universe except the chambers of the human heart.” While I have come to accept that life is unpredictable, I realized that at the very least, we can choose how we face[Read More…]

Finding new words for my identity

It took me until I was 12 to realize that my father’s English was accented. Before that, it was just my father’s voice: Familiar and melodic, a vestige of his first, tonal language. Like many mixed kids, I was hyper-aware of the racial categories I fit into from a young[Read More…]

Festival Stop-Motion Montréal explores the cultural significance of Indigenous filmmaking

Festival Stop Motion Montréal, which took place from Sept. 10 to 19, is dedicated to highlighting the beauty and uniqueness of stop-motion film. For its 13th edition, the festival showcased both local and international talent and focussed on amplifying the work of Indigenous stop-motion artists. As part of the festival,[Read More…]

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