Author: Severine Koen

FEATURES: It’s sexier to write in Montreal

Writing is like sex. There’s that playing around with ideas before hand, the ejaculation of ideas on paper, and in one sweeping moment of inspiration the climax (of the story) comes, bringing everything to an end soon after. So why is it so much better to “do it” in Montreal? What is it about this city that makes it a great place for writers? After all, The Quebec Writers’ Federation dubbed Montreal the World Book Capital in 2005.

FEATURES: Reaching literary climax in Montreal

Do you use your extra spending money to buy books you may never get around to reading? Can you envision yourself 40 years from now spending three fourths of the day in your lavish mahogany library? Do you stroll along bookstore shelves just to “browse” and end up buying three unnecessary items? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you have a clinical obsession with books.

FEATURES: Advice from a former starving artist

Force your foot in the door, says Alex Grossi, and while she could be talking about any job, she is referring to television screenwriting. A lucrative and highly interesting position, screenwriting for TV has taken off in the past decade as the number of channels looking for the next “hit show” has expanded exponentially.

FOOTBALL: Connell golden against Vert et Or

Before Matt Connell, no McGill quarterback had ever thrown for 400 yards in a game. On Saturday, the senior pivot surpassed the quadruple-century mark for the fourth time in his career and the second time this season. Connell powered the offence to 410 yards through the air and four touchdowns, as the Redmen took two crucial points from Sherbrooke with a 33-14 win.

WET PAINT: ‘Talking is just masturbating without the mess’

I’ve recently noticed a change in the way people are talking. From the street to the metro and from the library to the grocery store, people everywhere are talking to themselves. While I encountered this widespread habit upon first moving to Montreal and tried to think of it as one of our city’s endearing little quirks, the trend seems to have increased of late.

OFF THE BOARD: Mac for President

Those stupid Apple commercials are everywhere. If you haven’t seen the black and white Warhol-esque ads of people dancing in a faux-minimalist frenzy, the towers of cds exploding into pretentious, post-modern music mayhem or even the latest iPod glow-in-the-dark graffiti kick, you are missing out on one wild ride of counter-culture appropriation.


Butt out I’m so happy that McGill is enforcing the new anti-smoking legislation by implementing new policies. It’s about time that non-smokers had some rights around here. Non-smokers are sick of breathing in second-hand smoke everywhere we go. If people want to smoke, they should do it in places where they are not affecting anyone else’s health.

FEUQ membership on fall referendum

For the second time in two years, Students’ Society Council has taken steps to remove SSMU from student lobbying group la Fédération Etudiante Universitaire du Québec. In a special Council meeting held Thursday, a motion was passed that will add the question of SSMU’s membership in la FEUQ to the fall referendum ballot.

All GA motions pass

The Students’ Society held its first semi-annual General Assembly of the year last Thursday. Required once a semeseter after an ammendment to the Students’ Society constitution made last spring, the GA is designed to provide a way for students to take part in active democracy on campus.

Montreal politician makes noise in library school

The importance of libraries as a political issue was stressed by Plateau-Mont-Royal Executive Helen Fotopoulos to the Graduate School of Library and Information Studies on Wednesday. Fotopoulos spoke about her experiences trying to bring attention to the state of libraries in the Montreal area.

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