Author: Tori Crawford & Steven Hoffer

SSMU Council votes to reinstate Choose Life’s club status

After a semester of meetings on the future of Choose Life – the controversial pro-life group whose club status was suspended last semester – the Students’ Society Council officially reinstated the group’s club status last Thursday. Choose Life’s club status was suspended last year on November 12 in light of the conflicts surrounding the club’s “Echoes of the Holocaust” event.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: The democratic hacky sack

Last Thursday, as I sat through Students’ Society Legislative Council, I felt like my nails were being pulled out of my fingers. I heard the word “democracy” being thrown around like a hacky sack as councillors took turns accusing others of infringing on their ‘democratic right’ to speak and then carefully stroking their own and, indeed, everyone’s ego with a passionate appeal to the ‘democratic process.

University of Toronto seeks tuition hike to reach balanced budget

The University of Toronto’s Business Board has proposed a tuition fee schedule that will include an average fee increase of 4.31 per cent for domestic students and 6 per cent increase for international students. The fee increases are part of the Business Board’s plan to balance the budget for the upcoming years.

EDITORIAL: J-Board should throw out case against Newburgh

On Friday, the Students’ Society’s Judicial Board will hear Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights’ case against Zach Newburgh, SSMU’s speaker of council and SSMU president-elect. SPHR claims that by acting as chair of the Winter General Assembly, Newburgh “placed himself in a serious conflict of interest, making it impossible for him to perform his task in an impartial manner” during the debate over the motion “Re: The Defence of Human Rights, Social Justice, and Environmental Protection.

THE SITUATION: Turn to the right

I thought I knew who I was before I came to university. I thought, for instance, that I wasn’t a racist. But when I told two girls tabling against Israel that the State had a right to exist, they cleared that up for me. Which was lucky, because after a year of educating my Jewish youth group on the dangers of Islamophobia, I might have gone my whole life not knowing how much I hated people different from me.

The Tribune’s guide to a summer in Montreal

Breakfast True espresso aficionados should head to Caffe in Gamba in the Plateau. Combined with plush seating and decadent pastries, their freshly brewed espresso drinks are the best in Montreal. Eggspectation and Chez Cora – both Canadian chains – offer crepes, pancakes, and waffles piled high with fruit for reasonable prices.

Wet hot Canadian summer: A guide to Montreal May-August

Whether you’re a visiting student, taking a May course, or a Montreal native, summer is the best time to tour Montreal. It’s easy to get trapped in the McGill bubble during the school year, but use the warm weather as a chance to explore the city. From festivals to cuisine, we present your summer guide to one of Canada’s most diverse and exciting cities.

Women helping women

In 2011, Winnipeg is planning to open Manitoba’s first birthing centre, where mothers can give birth in a less clinical atmosphere with the assistance of midwives, nurses, and doulas. While it’s a step forward for natural births in the province, midwifery and natural births are still the minority among birthing practices in Canada.

Make your own meatball sub

Meatball subs are the quintessential Italian-American dish – a pizza, burger, and a pasta hybrid. They have all the flavors you could ask for in a meal, and they are hearty and filling. Making your own is simple, fun, and will certainly leave you satisfied (or wanting more).

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