Author: Laura Tindal

The McGill FAC brings Nuit Blanche to the Shatner Building

The McGill Fine Arts Council’s rendition of the popular all-night art celebration Nuit Blanche will be held on Thursday in the Shatner Building. Now in its third year, the event takes over all four floors of the building from 10 p.m. to 3 a.m., bringing together artists from all disciplines, including musicians, jewellery designers, and poets, for an (almost) all-night party.

Burton’s 3D visuals can’t save one-dimensional characters

Considering the combination of Tim Burton, Johnny Depp, and Lewis Carroll, it’s a real shame that Alice in Wonderland falls as flat as it does. The film is not dark enough to be Burton’s, the Mad Hatter is not distinctive enough to be Depp’s, and the story is not clever enough to be Carroll’s.

Back to basics: margaritas

Canadian-Mexican cuisine is one step below Tex-Mex: anything that’s spicy and can be served with a tortilla is labeled as Mexican food. While I can’t change the food – the best Mexican food ingredients are nearly impossible to find in Montreal – the margaritas are certainly fixable.

Students Supporting Disabilities

While many students are directly or indirectly affected by disabilities, until now, few have felt comfortable enough to talk about it with their peers, fearing discrimination or lack of understanding from others. Students Supporting Disabilities (SSD), a new McGill club, is working to change this.

CD REVIEWS: Zeus: Say Us

Zeus’ debut album Say Us may want to make you skip spring altogether: it’s got summer written all over it. Getting their start as Jason Collett’s backing band, the men of Zeus have crafted an album of hooks, harmonies, and good ol’ fashioned rock. And I mean ol’ fashioned when I say it; almost everything from the guitar tones to the aforementioned harmonies have a strong retro vibe that recall the best of the sixties.

SSMU Election Endorsement: President Sarah Woolf

After careful consideration, the McGill Tribune Editorial Board proudly presents our fifth annual SSMU election candidate endorsements. While this year’s ballot includes two acclamations, we still provide our analysis of each candidate’s potential, along with our thoughts on the referendum questions (page 9).

Patriotes pulverized as Redmen complete series sweep of rivals

McGill hockey fans broke out the brooms on Friday night, as the Redmen eliminated a longtime rival – the UQTR Patriotes – by a score of 7-4 to sweep the Ontario University Athletics East Division Final. A standing-room-only crowd was energized from the opening faceoff until the final buzzer, and the celebration continued in the Redmen locker room after the game.

THIRD MAN IN: Nothing to Cheer About

With March Madness upon us, spectators sometimes forget that there will actually be two sports on display throughout the competition: basketball and cheerleading. NCAA cheerleaders, unlike their compatriots in the NFL and the NBA, deserve that name. Professional sports “cheerleading” would in reality be more properly referred to as dancing, since these teams’ performances are more akin to what you might see on a Saturday night at a gentleman’s club than what goes on at cheerleading national championships.

McGill dominates Carabins to win fifth straight Quebec crown

The McGill women’s hockey team continued its domination of CIS competition last week, finishing off the Montreal Carabins on the road after winning the series opener at home on Wednesday. With Friday’s series-clincher, the Martlets celebrated their 84th straight win in CIS play, as well as their fifth consecutive conference championship.

McGill bounced in QUBL semis

If there is one thing the McGill men’s basketball team made clear to spectators and scouts this year, it’s that the Redmen can play with anyone in Quebec. Stacked with young talent, the future of McGill’s men’s basketball program appears to be in good hands, and if Head Coach Craig Norman can figure out a way to get his team to perform with some consistency, the Redmen could be a force to be reckoned with as early as next season.

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