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Pork before synagogue: Growing up at a cultural crossroads

Born in Queens, my mom was raised in Westchester county, New York, a predominantly-Jewish area surrounded by fellow first and second-generation Ashkenazi relatives. Meanwhile, my Arkansas-born father was growing up with Methodist parents who have deep southern roots and distant Scottish ancestry. So, when they married in 1992, a strange mixture of culture, custom, and… Keep Reading


How to quit smoking like an existentialist

“I’m just going to use it to get through finals, but during Christmas break I’m going to quit.” This is how I explained my foolproof plan to abandon my Juul to my housemate at the end of last year. I do this with almost all the promises I make to myself; reaffirming a plan by… Keep Reading

In conversation with Lynn Hill

Fall 2018 marked the 25th anniversary of Lynn Hill’s historic first all-free ascent of the ‘Nose,’ an iconic climb in the Yosemite Valley. Since then, much has changed in the climbing world, but her massive achievement still stands tall. The Nose is the route that snakes up between the two main faces of the monolithic… Keep Reading

2018-19 NBA midseason awards

With the 2018-19 NBA season at its halfway point, The McGill Tribune presents its midseason awards, recognizing individual players and overall team performance. Biggest Individual Surprise: Derrick Rose (Minnesota Timberwolves) The 30-year-old guard has suffered multiple serious injuries throughout his career, including a torn ACL in 2012 and a torn meniscus in 2013. Rose’s performance since… Keep Reading

Starting the year with the right appetite

Many New Year’s resolutions are set with the assumption that healthy habits and better grades are somehow distinct. However, there are many healthy energy boosting foods like nuts, salmon, eggs, mushrooms, and spinach that can help students lead both healthier lives and achieve greater academic success. Nuts Nuts  require no preparation and can increase one’s… Keep Reading

Curiosity Delivers.
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