About the Société de Publication de la Tribune

The SPT Board of Directors is the governing body of the Société de Publication de la Tribune, the society that manages the operations of the McGill Tribune. All registered undergraduate students (excluding Cont-Ed and MacDonald campus) are members of the SPT, and are welcome to attend open session of Board of Directors’ meetings as observers.

The duties of the SPT Board of Directors include the annual selection of the Editor-in-Chief, the approval of the budget and any expenses incurred during the publication of the Tribune, the resolution of complaints about content, approval of proposed changes to the Bylaws or Constitution of the TPS, and general administrative duties. The SPT Board of Directors shall convene an SPT Annual General Meeting in the winter semester. At the AGM members of the SPT will receive and approve the financial statements of the SPT, appoint auditors, vote on amendments to the SPT constitution, elect student representatives to the Board of Directors for the following year, and have a general forum to discuss issues relating to the McGill Tribune.

Any SPT member may compel a student representative to raise an issue at the next Board of Directors by contacting one of the student representatives by email and visiting the Tribune office (stipulations for such action are governed by the SPT Constitutions and Bylaws). If you have any questions about the SPT Board of Directors or our bylaws, please contact us.

SPT Board of Directors 2018-2019

Abeer Almahdi (Editorial Board Representative)

Becca Hoff (Graduate Student Representative)

Jeeventh Kaur (Chair and Undergraduate Student Representative)

Marie Labrosse (Editor-in-Chief)

Katherine Milazzo (Undergraduate Student Representative)

Daniel Minuk (Graduate Student Representative)

Falah Rajput (Business Manager)

Nina Russell (Contributor Representative)

Kevin Vogel (Contributor Representative)


Constitution and Bylaws

Tribune Publication Society Constitution

Tribune Publication Society Bylaw Book I

Tribune Publication Society Bylaw Book II

Code of Conduct and Workplace Ethics