McGill Drama Festival continues to impress

Every year, Player’s Theatre’s Drama Festival highlights the abundance of student talent that McGill’s theatre scene has to offer. Showing until Feb. 23, the festival offers six original short plays written, directed, produced, and performed by students. Stories that depicted everything from a first date between high-schoolers to an existential […]

Cinema Politica features indigenous-made cinema

On Feb. 4, Cinema Politica presented a series of documentaries by indigenous filmmakers, including a short animation, as part of Concordia University’s First Voices Week. With Flat Rocks and Lil Hard Knox filmmakers Courtney Montour and Karonhiarokwas Roxann Whitebean present to answer questions after the screening, illuminating the processes and intentions behind […]

‘True Crime’ doubles down on deception

True Crime is labyrinthine. The show, which played at the Centaur from Jan. 8-27, recounts indie-singer-turned-true-crime-writer Torquil Campbell’s real-life investigation into his con man doppelgänger, Christian Karl Gerhartsreiter. In 90 short minutes, Campbell whirls through his crimes, a series of kidnappings and murders, portraying Gerhartsreiter and his many aliases. Campbell also […]

Tuesday Night Café Theatre’s annual 24-hour play festival spotlights up-and-coming actors

In the 24 hours from Jan. 25 to 26, six student playwrights, directors, and actors met for the first time to write, produce, rehearse, and perform original student-written play as a part of the Tuesday Night Café Theatre (TNC)’s annual festival. Each play had to incorporate certain elements, including the […]