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Summer Entertainment Report Cards: TV Shows – Entourage

Going into the show’s seventh season, Entourage followers have been anxiously waiting all year for some new excitement in the life of Vincent Chase and the boys.

After leaving off last season with Vince filming in Rome and Eric finally proposing to Sloan, Vince begins shooting a new movie in which he’s persuaded to do his own dangerous driving stunt. Following a near death experience, Vince’s attitude about life and love starts to change completely and subsequently alters his day-to-day routine. But Vince’s storyline unravels slowly-almost tediously so-and the humour is definitely not as witty as it has been in past seasons. But, have no fear-things pick up in the last couple of episodes, as Vince’s drug use and new relationship with porn star Sasha Grey become quite an issue with the new movie he’s signed on for.

Meanwhile, other characters have equally interesting story arcs. Ari is trying to build up his agency and looks to sign an NFL team in L.A. But with Lizzie on the prowl, trouble becomes inevitable. Turtle lands a tequila venture through Alex, a former employee from his failed car service business, and hires Vince to be face of the line even though funds are running low. Drama continues to look for work to foot his bills and get his life back on track. Recent episodes have given some hopeful signs that he is ready to take another stab at a Hollywood career, but he is reluctant to voice a monkey in a cartoon series. As usual, Eric tries to mediate every situation in order to ensure that no one screws anything up.

Entourage has thankfully started to get better with each episode, so there’s hope that there is much to look forward to in the rest of the season.

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