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Summer Entertainment Report Cards: Movies – Toy Story 3

Just when you thought that Pixar couldn’t perfect another timeless movie, they’ve done it again. Although I’ve always been pretty skeptical about sequels within the animated genre-need I mention Little Mermaid 2, Lion King 1.5- this third instalment of Toy Story has truly proven that sequels can rank up to par with their original.

Andy is all grown up and about to start college. But where does this leave his childhood best friends Woody, Buzz and the rest of the gang? As our favourite, fun loving team of toys are uncertain about what lies ahead in their future, they find themselves leaving on a journey out of the safety of Andy’s room and into Sunnyside Daycare. An entire new world of toys awaits them there, not to mention the new faces and grubby hands of some rowdy toddlers. The impressionable leader of Sunnyside’s toys, Lotso Bear, quickly convinces Andy’s toys to stay there rather than take Woody’s advice and return to Andy. But, the toys soon discover that Lotso has some baggage of his own-a dark past that is steering them towards toy box doom.

As we grow into an age where technology, as well as the minds of both directors and producers, are continuously reaching boundaries that were never thought possible, you no longer have to be eight and under to enjoy an animated film. Although this movie speaks mostly to the 90s generation, both young and old should be prepared to smile from ear to ear (but also have a few tissues on hand). In the movie where “no toy gets left behind,” I’m pretty sure no one will feel left out of this heartwarming tale of new friends and old.

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