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Album Review: Slash – World on Fire

Legendary guitarist Slash once again teams up with Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators to remind the world that rock ‘n’ roll is still very much alive. The former Guns N’ Roses member’s third solo album is packed with 17 tracks that showcase both Slash’s well-known edgy yet sleek guitar work and Kennedy’s transcendent vocals.

The album wastes no time thrusting fans straight into its aggressive opening title track. A throwback Slash guitar riff starts off the groovy and dynamic verse that Kennedy ignites with his delivery. Undoubtedly the strongest track on the album, “World On Fire” is an immediate reassurance that Slash and his bandmates haven’t lost any of their energy since Slash’s previous album Apocalyptic Love.

The passion Kennedy pours into each song is breathtaking—particularly on the seven-minute ballad “Battleground,” in which he soars beautifully from high, powerful octaves down to gentle, caressing whispers. “Iris Of The Storm” is another album highlight, opening up with an uplifting guitar hook and unfolding into a melodic tune that will creep under your skin and captivate you.

However, the album has its weak points. Like Apocalyptic Love, many of the tracks sound strikingly similar and can get repetitive. Also, while “World On Fire,” “Battleground,” and “Iris Of The Storm” are great songs, they simply cannot compete with the utter brilliance of Apocalyptic Love’s “Anastasia” or “No More Heroes.”

World On Fire may not be quite as phenomenal as its predecessor, but it is still definitely one of the most outstanding rock albums of 2014. Slash and Kennedy’s chemistry is undeniable, and anyone who enjoyed the previous album is sure to appreciate the sequel.

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