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Where the streets have no claim: A peek at Montreal’s secret urban art gallery

In January 2014, New York artist Hansky organized Surplus Candy, a secret art show set up illegally in an abandoned building set for demolition.Eight months later, following in Hanksy’s footsteps, fellow New York-based artist Turtle Caps brings us Cabane à Sucre (Sugar Shack), a three-story apartment building that doubles as a secret art gallery hidden amidst the urban skyline of Montreal. The gallery features the works of over 40 Montreal-based artists, such as Fred Caron, XRay, MC Baldassri, Labrona, Tava, Miss Me, and Jason Botkin to name a few. All the contributing artists invested 12 days and their own supplies in order to create art just for the sake of it—l’art pour l’art—a notion sometimes forgotten amid the rise in demand for commercial success and recognition.

While this particular gallery isn’t open to the public, Montreal is a city filled with street art in both its bustling and less-travelled areas. For those interested in exploring the city’s public artistic hotspots, Montreal art collective Sugar For Brains will be offering a free walking tour of Montreal street art on Saturday, Sept. 20 at noon, which begins at Mount Royal and Saint-Laurent and follows a southbound path that concludes at Station 16 (3523 Saint-Laurent), a popular urban art gallery displaying other works from the artists who contributed to Cabane à Sucre and Surplus Candy. To RSVP, email [email protected]

Check out some of these artists online:

Kevin Ledo – @kevinledo
En Masse – @enmasseproject
Oram 79 – @oram_79
Emmanuel Laflamme – @quartertofour
Mastrocola – @spraycam
IAMBATMAN – @batman_am_i
Tava – @antoinetava
Alysha Farling – @alyshagerm
Miss Me – @miss_me_art
M. Abstrakt – @m_abstrakt
52Hz – @fiftytwohz
Mirabolle – @mirabolle

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