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Maroon 5: Hands All Over

Maroon 5’s third album, Hands All Over, is a revamped version of their typical sound. With bold guitar riffs, distinct vocals, and a crossover into a medley of genres, this bittersweet funk album is typical Maroon 5 with a few unexpected, but excellent, twists.

The opening track and single “Misery” is a winner, with a syncopated walking bass line and funky percussive guitar riff that uses rhythmic and poppy hooks to draw in listeners. Second single “Give A Little More” is equally catchy and boasts Adam Levine’s distinct falsetto. “Stutter” is a power pop ballad that combines passionate lyrics with cheeky big band type chords. The band’s collaboration with country group Lady Antebellum on “Out of Goodbyes” adds a sentimental dimension to the album that meshes Levine’s voice with Lady Antebellum’s western twang.

The one problem is the thematic nature of the album that follows the male perspective in a dying relationship, a far cry from the more positive content of previous releases.

Hands All Over offers a couple great tracks, but the rest of the 12 songs are unmemorable. They aren’t bad, they’re just not filled with the passion and fun we’ve come to expect and love from Maroon 5.

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