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Lakes of Canada blends eclectic influences in ‘We Will Outlive the Sun’

While up-and-coming indie rock bands often attempt to mimic genre-defining groups such as Arcade Fire or LCD Soundsystem, Lakes of Canada has proven itself capable of carving its own path in the music world. Their new concept album, We Will Outlive the Sun, adds innovative flavour to the industry. The Montreal-based band successfully creates a distinct sound, drawing from the unique talents of each of their members.

We Will Outlive the Sun addresses climate change and the rise of neo-fascism against a dystopian background, mixing gospel and soul harmonies with progressive rock. While tracks such as their cover of “America the Beautiful” are eerie and chilling, the music generally serves as an oddly optimistic call to action. “The Day the Walls Came Down” builds up a steady beat until the choruses progressively evolve into a happy groove. “As the Towers Fall” urges listeners to bond together and rise up in face of coming danger. “Tear it All Down” condemns wealthy elites as ‘good sinners,’ encouraging active resistance to neoliberal and capitalist power structures. The song’s chorus features powerful chords and a dense sound to accentuate the ‘ivory towers’ that generate these hierarchies.

The LP explains abstract concepts in a readily-digestible format. We Will Outlive the Sun’s lyrics artfully employ biblical allusions and motifs of apocalypse— with particular emphasis on allusions to flooding—-to affirm its subject matter. The novel sound alone warrants a listen. With this latest album, Lakes of Canada has established itself as a creative force on the Montreal music scene with a bright future ahead.

We Will Outlive the Sun was released on Oct. 6.



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