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In Concert: Halloween – Matt & Kim

Holly Stewart
Holly Stewart

Matt & Kim’s performance on Saturday night at Le National left little to be desired and provided more than enough justification to skip any Halloween party or pre-drink. The duo brought their contagious energy to the stage, and the crowd mirrored their liveliness all night long. Their brilliant back-and-forth banter mixed with an incredible rapport with the audience kept the crowd hanging on every word.  Between their invitation to stage jumpers and crowd surfers, Kim’s quick break to take a walk on top of the crowd, balloons being tossed around, and a copious amount of time spent doling out handshakes and high fives, the crowd responded appropriately with plenty of cheers and applause. The ability of the Brooklyn-based pair to establish a connection with concert attendees is something few other acts can match.

After an hour of dancing, laughing, and singing along, Matt & Kim skipped the ever-predictable encore and finished with their most recognizable hit, “Daylight.” After the final song, while the audience was still cheering, the duo further cemented their new Montreal following by jumping into the crowd for an autograph, hug, picture, or comment of gratitude from any audience member willing to stick around.

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