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Hooded Fang: Hooded Fang

Unlike some indie rockers, Hooded Fang’s ego doesn’t get in the way of producing a good album.  However, this might be expected from a band named after the villain of a popular children’s book series. There isn’t a huge concept to tackle or a personal battle to overcome on their self-titled debut, instead it’s an album that shines in its simplicity. It might not pack a serious punch, but a well-placed vibraphone, trumpet, and steel pan keep it entertaining from start to finish.

At first, you might get the impression that Hooded Fang is a laid-back group of daydreamers, and in a way that’s exactly what they are. “Younger Days” and “Promise Land” exemplify the album’s fleeting imagery and upbeat melodies.

But the more you listen, the more you get the impression that something about their lives isn’t entirely fulfilling. Deep down, they crave to relive the past, to ignore their responsibilities and be mischievous again. And as time goes on, those memories become fainter. Not every musician needs to have inner demons, but everybody feels like crap when they realize they aren’t having as much fun as they used to. Such a realization is the fuel that drives the album, and that’s what makes it worth hearing.

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