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‘Undone’ is a poignant yet comedic look at mental illness

Undone, Amazon Prime Video’s new eight episode animated series is a wildly entertaining and emotionally complicated triumph. Created by Raphael Bob-Waksberg and Kate Purdy, the team behind Bojack Horseman, each of the series’ brief, 20-odd minute-long episodes packs in a wealth of depth and wit. Undone begins with Alma (Rosa Salazar), […]

Birds of Passage is a disappointing misrepresentation of Wayuu culture

Birds of Passage lives in the moral grey area between cultural accuracy and creative license. On Sept. 20, in conjunction with the Centre for Oral History and Digital Storytelling, Concordia University screened the 2018 Colombian film, which depicts violence within Wayuu communities, and invited Wayuu leader Jakeline Romero to speak about […]

Rachel Bloom discusses mental health and musical comedy in Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Article contains minor spoilers for Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’s fourth season. Comedian Rachel Bloom has every right to be tired. After her musical comedy television series Crazy Ex-Girlfriend aired its finale in April 2019, Bloom went on tour across the US,  performing some of the show’s most popular songs alongside her former […]

Netflix’s ‘Sex Education’ demonstrates surprising wisdom

Following in the footsteps of shows like Big Mouth and Chewing Gum, Sex Education explores sex and the lack of knowledge that so many young people have on the subject. The series’ protagonist, Otis (Asa Butterfield), is a sexually-repressed teenager whose sex therapist single mother Jean (Gillian Anderson) doesn’t shy from embarrassing […]

The best and worst of 2018

Best Albums: 1. Be the Cowboy, Mitski Sad indie kids have traded their beanies for cowboy hats, wallowing in perhaps the most beautiful auditory manifestation of sadness to ever have graced the radio waves. Hive Mind, The Internet   2. Hive Mind, The Internet This summer, the Internet brought the […]